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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions?  Here are a few answers, but feel free to reach out to setup a free consultation.  We love talking to customers about their projects!

Be Frictionless

What is Frictionless?

Frictionless is a voice-first development agency and robust hosting platform for voice-first applications.  While some shops are generalists, Frictionless is focused on voice applications and omni-channel experiences.

How long does a project take?

For basic Skill and Action development, we can move quickly from discovery through deployment in only a few weeks.

How much does a Skill or Action cost to build?

It depends on complexity, but we can build voice apps extremely quickly and for a lot less than you might think.

Do you provide hosting?

Yes!  We can build and host apps on our specialized platform at AWS.  The Frictionless platform includes many built-in features like analytics, feedback, A/B testing and a customer dashboard.

Do you provide consulting?

Yes.  Our team can talk you through every step of the process from discovery through development, ensuring your voice experience is perfect.

What is voice design?

Just like visual design, UI and touch were the interfaces for traditional channels like web and mobile, voice is the UI for voice-first applications.  To ensure the best possible customer experience, we leverage our expertise to craft the best possible voice interactions.

Can you provide Enterprise Services?

Yes.  The Frictionless Development Group has worked with Fortune 500 companies, building world class solutions.  Also, our hosting platform specifically designed with the needs of enterprise clients in mind.

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Voice App Development

The Frictionless team will design and build your world-class app within weeks.  Learn More.

Voice App Hosting with VoiceKit

The Frictionless Design Group is proud to announce VoiceKit, an SDK and hosting platform built specifically for the needs of voice apps.  Built by Frictionless, VoiceKit provides all the features you need to manage and grow your voice app.  Learn More.